Fabrik Downloads

Download the complete Fabrik package which includes both the component and 60 plugins. This file is greater than 70MB. You should therefore have an Ethernet connection or other high speed connection to install this package with the Joomla installer. Eventually, we will also offer the option of downloading the Fabrik component and plugins separately.

Fabrik 4 version 2401 no aws

Fabrik 4 version 2401 works well for initial installation of Fabrik to a Joomla 4 website and to update a Joomla 4 existing Fabrik website. If you have a Joomla 3 website, you should first make a complete backup of your websites. Then disable all Fabrik and switch to the default Protostar Template. Then update to Joomla 4 and PHP 8.1. Then log out and back into your website for the PHP version to update to 8.1. Then install Fabrik 4 version 2401 which will automatically replace Fabrik 3 component and plugins while retaining all of your existing forms and tables. Then enable Fabrik again. Note that this special package has removed the AWS bloatware and spyware. 

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