5.2 First Steps for New Members

Welcome to Our Community Network! This article is a summary of tips for first time users of Our Community Network. It includes tips on how to register to become a member of Our Community Network and how to make connections with other members of our community.

When you first visit our website, you will see a Main Menu at the top of our Home page. It includes is a series of articles and links with information we want to share with the public and all of our members. There is also a link to a Service Provider page where you can learn about services offered by our members. This table offers a Search function where you can search the group by either location and service provider categories.


You can also sign up for our newsletter and receive periodic emails about what is happening on issues important to our group.


If you have a question about Our Community Network, you can fill out our Contact Us form.


How to Register for Our Community Network
To register for our group, click Member Signup. This will take you to a brief registration page that takes less than one minute to fill out.


After filling out our Member Registration form, you will see a Message: “Sign Up Success. Once you have been confirmed by our Member Coordinator, you will get an email. To log in, click on “Member Log in”. Enter your user name and password. When you log in for the first time you will be taken to this “First Steps for New Members” Page. You will also see a Member Menu where you can edit your Member information. In this Menu is a link to our Job Provider list where you can find a searchable list of jobs being offered to Members of our Community Network.

If you want to also be a Service or Job Provider, you will also see Menus where you can fill out your Service or Job Provider Info. Before filling out this form, you should create a Provider Image. We explain how to do this in our next article. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in our community forum or fill out our Contact Us form. 

Welcome to our Community Network!